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There are many good websites out there that have great information about how to adapt a Borg-Warner T5 tranmission to a Chevy 6-clylinder engine. I had spent the last 5 years driving at 58 mph on the freeway and it was time for an overdrive. I just went through the drill and thought I'd document the procedure with as much information as possible to help those of you out there who are interested in how to do it.

Borg Warrner T5 (standard)S10 T5
Standard T5 with rear mounted shifter .................S10 T5 with mid-mounted shifter

The best article that I've found so far is by Grant Galbraith located at: Installing S-10 T5 trannies in AD Trucks, which gives a very good explanation about how to do the actual work. For other conversions check out the links on T5 conversions.

The first chore is trying to find the right transmission. There are lots of BW T5's out there but you want one from a Chevy S10 pickup truck.

In my case I needed to swap out my entire drivetrain on my 37' Chevy Master Deluxe Business Coupe. I had a nice 235 six out of my 55' truck and that's what started the whole project. I ended up with an 88' S10 tranny (1352-1459) that had the GM/Muncie bolt pattern.
1937 Chevy Master Deluxe Business Coupe
After removing the entire original engine (216) and torque-tube rear end assembly, the search for the right flywheel/clutch combination began.
Pulling the original engine
Since the engine was only going to produce about 150 h.p. it wasn't necessary to go any bigger than the stock S10 clutch disc of 9 1/8". You can go to the bigger 10 " Chevy Astro plate but it's just a matter of making sure the clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing work. I used a V-8 pressure plate to match the bolt pattern on the original 235 flywheel, and ordered up the stock clutch disc for an 88' S10 pickup, which is 1" dia./14 spline.
37' Rear End
37' torque tube rear axle housing
235 Bell Housing
235 bellhousing with 9 1/8" S10 clutch
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